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The Indonesian home of Representatives has passed the Revised Special Autonomy play-act (UU Otsus) for Papua and West Papua. The basis is to put in the progress and welfare of the people upon Earth of Cendrawasih through optimizing the special autonomy fund. This amendment (Law) reforms to better oversee go forward in Papua and prioritizes the rights of OAP (Indigenous Papuans), said Deputy Chairman of Commission II of the Indonesian home of Representatives Junimart Girsang to Media Indonesia, Friday (16/7). According to him, reverence for OAP is more important in this law. There is even one article that specifically respects OAP, as in Article 68A.

Read also: Paskalis Kossay calls the Special Autonomy perform the Golden Bridge to a Prosperous and Independent Papua This article requires that in the context of synchronization, harmonization, evaluation, and coordination of the implementation of special autonomy and expansion in Papua, a special agency is formed which is directly held responsible to the president, chaired by the vice president and consisting of ministers. domestic affairs, the head of Bappenas, the minister of finance and one representative from each province in Papua, he explained. The PDIP politician after that said further articles after that respected OAPs rights. The concentration of supplementary articles empowers OAP resources and conducts elections for the DPRK which are directly elected and refer appointments for 1/4 of the seats for OAP from the sum number of seats in DPRK, he explained. Overall, the Papua Special Autonomy pretend lonesome has changes and additions, when 20 articles.

The second amendment made to accomplish Number 21 of 2001 includes amendments to 18 articles and two articles. The further articles, namely Article 6A and Article 68A, fittingly that there are 20 articles. later three articles from the governments proposal, namely Articles 1, 34, and 76 and 15 articles outside the governments proposal, namely Articles 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 17, 20, and an credit of article 24 paragraph 1, articles 28, 36, 38, 56, 59, 68 and an financial credit of article 75, he concluded. Meanwhile, a advocate of the DPR from the PKB faction, Muhammad Fauzan Nurhuda Yusro, explained that the substance of the amendment to the Special Autonomy produce a result was more nearly enlargement meting out over the implementation of the special autonomy fund. In particular, the Chapter upon Supervision, particularly Article 67, is not amended but is strengthened through Article 34 paragraph (14). Later on, the organization of the processing of revenues in the framework of special autonomy as referred to in paragraph (3) letter b number 4 and number 5, letter e, and letter f will be carried out in a coordinated tell when their respective authorities by ministries, non-ministerial organization institutions, regional governments, DPR, DPD, the conclusive Audit Agency, and state universities, he explained. A more detailed mechanism upon magnification supervision, he said, would be regulated in a giving out Regulation (PP), and its preparation was as well as consulted considering the DPR through the commission in charge.

The change, he continued, was based on the evaluation results from the previous Otsus. That the governance of the special autonomy budget revenue raises many problems, including nonexistence of transparency, accountability, and deficiency of targeting. So the special autonomy funds are not enjoyed by the entire Papuan community, he said. He emphasized that the DPR and the direction desire Papua to be more campaigner to catch up. So aligned to the separation article, the DPR assesses from existing experience that the encroachment makes the region more radical in developing its region. see at West Papua now progressing, right, he explained. According to him, to elevate the dignity and worth and guarantee the aspirations and allegation of the original Papuan people, this feign reorganizes the affirmative policy in the Papuan Peoples Assembly (MRP) and the Papuan Peoples Assembly (MR Representative Council (DPRP). As regulated in Article 6, there is an further norm to put emphasis on that DPRP members come from members elected in general elections gone statutory provisions and appointed from Papuan native (OAP) elements, he explained.

The appointed DPRP must not come from a diplomatic party and accommodate 30% of its women. The members of the DPRP who are appointed are or one-fourth of the total members of the DPRP who are elected in the general election with the provisions of the legislation. The term of office is five years and ends simultaneously as soon as the term of office of the elected DPRP members. Then, almost other puzzling provisions as regards the appointed members of the DPRP, it is regulated in the PP. The allegation of the home of Representatives relationship applies to the DPRP and applies to the district/city or DPRK level. The concurrence is the thesame as that of the DPRP. Only, in the normalization of this bill, it needs to be regulated in a sever article. Therefore, the PKB Faction definitely gone the supplement by inserting Article 6A to correct the DPRK, he concluded.

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